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Apr 21, 2021

Is your organization, or lack thereof, holding back your company’s fullest potential? We’re sharing all of our secret organizational hacks (not so secret now) that you can use in the workplace or at home to boost your productivity.

I must mention before we get into the nitty gritty that we are not paid to promote these companies. They’re just really that awesome and we wanted to share with you.



Hack #1: Task Organization


What it is:

Just as says themselves, it’s a platform for teams to manage anything. Literally anything.


Who can use it:

–Literally anyone.

But here are few examples anyway:

          • –Teachers/Students
          • –Hiring Managers
          • –Sales Teams
          • –Account Managers
          • –Real Estate Agents
          • –Construction Companies


What we use it for:

We use for a variety of things such as a way to keep track of:

  • –Our sales team’s goals, progress, and achievements
  • –Our podcast, blog, and social media planning
  • –Employee onboarding training
  • –Accounts we manage
  • –Office inventory


There are a ton of features you can add to each ‘board’ such as:

  • –Tagging people
  • –Setting deadlines
  • –Marking the status and completion of tasks
  • –Adding comments, images, and links to any task
  • –And much, MUCH more


All of these you can see at a glance. These guys make it easy for you to track the progress and update the status of tasks in a matter of moments.


Check out this example:


Truly, it seems the possibilities are endless when it comes to which is why we love it and highly recommend it for your daily organization!



Hack #2: Repairs




What it is:

RepairShopr is an all-in-one system for inventory management, invoicing, customer relationship management (CRM), parts and order tracking, reporting, integrating tickets, and more.


Who can use it:
  • –Repair Shops
  • –IT Support Businesses
  • –Single Operator Businesses
  • –Multi-location Franchises


What we use it for:

We use RepairShopr for all of those things mentioned above but I’ll list a few specifics:

  • –Tracking the lifecycle of repairs internally
  • –Providing direct communication and live updates to our customers regarding their repair(s)
  • –Managing invoicing and store credits



Hack #3: Customer Relationship Management (CRM)




What it is:

Hubspot is a platform for marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software.


Who can use it:
  • –Marketing Teams
  • –Sales Teams
  • –Account Managers
  • –Customer Service Representatives
  • –And more


What we use it for:

While we use RepairShopr for repair-specific communication, we still occasionally need to reach out to our customers (new and existing) beyond the actual repair process. That’s where Hubspot helps us:

    • –Communicate with existing and potential customers
    • –Create a quick reference profile for each of our customers
    • –Create notes based on special requests by customers
    • –Alter our sales pitch with the live recommendations tool to best reach potential customers
    • –Create follow-up tasks with existing and potential customers
    • –Track progress of the sales team’s achievements on a custom scale



Hubspot is a very useful tool to maintain our customer relations in a single place. 10/10 would recommend!



Hack #4: Posting on Social Media




Now, you’re probably wondering how we manage all of our social media accounts on the daily. Okay… you got us. We don’t ALLLways post live. While we do our occasional one-off live posts to share things that occur with our team or business, it’s not always realistic to post everything live every time. So, given the amount of posts we like to share, it’s helpful to schedule them ahead of time. This is a great organizational hack to ensure our content is reaching our audience (you) regardless of any unforeseen circumstances that may come up during the week.

Hootsuite is our sweet little weapon for keeping you informed without skipping a beat.

What it is:

A platform that allows users to schedule posts on their social media accounts all in one place at one time. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.).


Who can use it:

–Anyone with a social media account.


What we use it for:
  • –Scheduling content in advance
  • –Interacting with our audience




Hack #5: Email Organization & Prioritization




What it is:

Gmail is an email and meeting or video-chat scheduling service.


Who can use it:



What we use it for:

I mean… pretty self-explanatory here. We use it for emails, meetings, and video-chats! But I have to tell you why this makes the list and how you can #maxout your productivity within it with this organizational hack.


Okay, we’ve all been there. At some point or another we have had 219 unread emails staring at us just waiting for us to give them a home. In the end, they are usually rehomed in the trash never to be seen again. Then your boss asks you to forward that important email and it is nowhere to be found!


This is where our organizational hack can be applied. You know those little stars next to each email? You can use those to color code your emails based on importance/urgency. Yep, here I am again preaching to you about the Eisenhower Matrix, and there’s a reason I keep telling you about it. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read about it here: The Eisenhower Matrix: Important vs. Urgent – Techcycle Solutions.


I color code the stars on my emails based on the color of the quadrant (orange, green, or blue) the importance/urgency of that email falls under.


If you need some clarity on what I mean, check out this example:


And that’s all, folks! Thanks for checking out what what we use to Keep Life Moving at TCS!


Have a cool organizational hack you’d like to share? Go comment on our LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook post of this blog and share what you’re using. While you’re at it, check out what other people are recommending!


Until next time!

Monica Casanova, Account Manager






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