Baseball is BACK!

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Apr 7, 2021

Aaaaahhhhhh, can you hear that? 

Birds chirping.

Kids playing outside.



All of those sounds mean one thing… Spring is here! Sure, Spring brings a lot of great things but there’s one thing that trumps them all. And that, my friends, is BASEBALL!




Better than Christmas?

That’s right, almost a week into the regular season and my excitement is still paramount. If you listened to our podcast last week, you know that opening day in MLB is like a national holiday for me. I take it more seriously than Christmas. I know, my poor kids. But really, opening day is better than the anticipation of walking downstairs on Christmas morning to find everything you ever wanted. However I’m not going to bore you with my strange obsession with baseball, but rather share with you my thoughts and predictions for the upcoming season for our Kansas City Royals!




Bold Predictions

If you had a chance to listen to our podcast episode on opening day, you would have heard my bold prediction that the Royals have a chance to win the AL Central this year. It’s a long season, but after the first full week is coming to an end, the Royals sit atop the AL Central with a 3-1 record. Sure, they’re tied with Minnesota but that’s irrelevant! 


Here’s the thing about Kansas City this year, they’re likely going to be one of the top scoring teams in the AL and possibly even all of Major League Baseball. Here’s the other thing about Kansas City this year, the starting pitching rotation could end up towards the bottom of the league. Don’t get me wrong, we have a few guys in the rotation that SHOULD be able to average 3-5 runs against in each start, but we don’t have that undeniable ace at the top of the rotation and that will likely hinder the long-term success of the team this season.




Off to a Great Start

Having watched the Royals put up 31 runs to start the season, good for 4th in MLB, there’s no doubt this offense will be fun to watch, and that’s even with Mondesi being shelved with an injury. The Royals season will come down to one of my favorite John Madden quotes… “Whoever scores the most points will win the game”. Substitute points for runs and it’s spot on. The Royals likely aren’t going to win a lot of low-scoring games, so they have to plan on scoring 5-7+ runs per game and I think that’s entirely possible. With the additions of Carlos Santana, Andrew Benintendi and Michael Taylor and the existing foundation of Whit, Salvy, Dozier, Mondesi and Soler we should be excited as Royals fans to watch this team play.


I said it in the podcast and I’ll say it again, the chemistry and energy of this team reminds me of the 2014-2015 team that made two World Series appearances and even managed to win one. They aren’t the sexiest of names, but they have great chemistry and more importantly, they’re having fun! I think the Royals might surprise some people this year.


My bold prediction for the 2021 season is that the Royals will finish 95-67 And that’ll be taking home the AL Central title. Hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen, it’s going to be a fun year! 


See you on the other side!







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