Device Repair

Custom Repairs for Your Peace of Mind

TCknow a broken device can cause havoc on your day and your job. Nothing matters to us more than completely fixing your device as quickly as possible so you can focus on what matters to you.

We can customize our offerings for your specific needs. We work on virtually all devices and cover everything from basic screen replacements to more complex issues like board-level repairs.


Qualified Technicians
on hand to help with any device problem.

Why TechCycle Solutions?

We offer numerous reasons for working with us

A state of the art, 12,000 square foot facility dedicated to high-volume repairs

In-house repairs specialists for advanced level repairs


Industry-leading turnaround time.


An easy-to-use customer repair portal to receive real time updates regarding the status of your repairs

Advanced exchange programs where we will send a replacement device while we fix your broken one


While We Repair Almost Every Device,
Here are Some of the Most Common Electronics and Brands We Fix:

Apple phones, tablets, computers, and laptops

Samsung phones, tablets, computers, and laptops


Dell, HP, Asus and more

Just as we can repair hundreds of electronic devices, we offer several types of repairs for your needs.

To Name Just a Few Electronic Devices, We Offer Repairs for:



Charging Ports



Liquid Damage

Diagnostics and More