White Glove Services

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Apr 28, 2021

What are white glove services?


In the tech world, white glove services are services that save the customer time and resources.

A couple examples are:

— Wiring chargers through charging carts

— Installing cases onto devices

— Installing devices into carts

— Asset tagging

— End of year lifecycle to make sure everything is in working order, systems are updated, and damage is assessed and repaired




What’s the process?


Here’s an example of setting up devices into charging carts for a school district.


First, the carts are ordered by the school district and are sent straight from the provider to us. The devices and chargers may come from the customer or they may come from the manufacturer. Once we have received everything, that’s where the fun begins!

We start by pulling all of the carts, devices, and chargers out of their boxes. Then we begin pairing the devices up to carts. This is important as each devices has a specific destination, so they need to be paired up and marked correctly. This brings me to the next step– asset tagging.



If the devices need to be asset tagged, we assign each device an asset number and tag the device with a sticker. Once that’s complete and we have everything ready to piece together, we are ready for the next step– wiring.





For wiring, we start by disconnecting the original cable from the chargers and connecting them to the charging cart’s charger. We then feed each charging cable through the cart to each charging station. After that, we plug in and place the devices into their respective carts, then we mark each cart for each school. After all of that is complete, it’s time to ship them to the customer.






Depending on the destination, we will either use freight or if the school(s) are local, we will deliver the carts directly to the schools ourselves.




Now, you’re probably wondering how long all of this takes. I’ll break that down for you in the next section.



So, how long does all of this take?


If we are asset tagging, wiring carts, and diagnosing devices for repairs, that all depends on the quantity and nature of the issues with the devices, but that usually takes about 6-8 weeks.

If we are just wiring carts, that also depends on the quantity, but we usually quote our customers about 3-5 weeks.










One time, there was a delay in shipping…


Story time!


Yeah, so, there was this one time where there was a delay in shipping, and we didn’t receive the carts from the provider in time. We had quoted 6 weeks for the job and it was rounding the end of week 4 and we still hadn’t received any carts. Eeek!

We finally received the carts shortly thereafter and, thanks to our awesome team, we completed the job in 1 week! You might be wondering, ‘Well, if you can do it in 1 week, then why quote 6 weeks for the job?’ Well, that’s because we had everyone’s hands on deck for this project from our technicians to our sales associates. Everyone pitched in and worked overtime to ensure we got the carts out on time.


Here’s the breakdown of what we did:

— Wired 250 carts

— Unboxed and separated 6,000 Chromebooks

— Sorted them by which cart they had to go in

— Asset tagged each device

— Pulled out all of the chargers

— Wired the carts (30 chargers/Chromebooks per cart)

— Placed the Chromebooks in the carts

— Tagged each cart with each respective school (20 schools total)

— Delivered them to the individual schools


If teamwork doesn’t make the dream work, I don’t know what does!



If I don’t work in education, can you provide white glove services to my company?


Yes! We work with a wide-array of businesses such as insurance companies, cruise lines, airlines, etc.

There are many variations of white glove services. For instance, if your company uses iPads and you want cases on each of them, give us a call. We are happy to help.

It’s also worth mentioning that we aren’t just tied to a few services like the ones I’ve mentioned in this blog. If we have the resources to do it, we’ll make it happen.

If you need assistance, just reach out to one of our sales associates and explain your situation; we’ll be glad to assist you! Just email us at sales@techcyclesolutions.com to get the conversation started.


All the best!


Monica Casanova, Account Manager






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