What’s Your “Why”?

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Jul 29, 2020

What are guiding principles if not to guide…… Every. Single. Person….. In your organization? When you walk into our building, you are immediately introduced to our “Why”. As you make your way through our facility, you’re constantly reminded of our guiding principles. Studies show that the more the human brain is exposed to something, the more they adopt it as part of their identity. We believe that the more our team members are reminded of the reasons “Why” we do what we do, the more likely they are to embrace those in all that they do. Inside this building and beyond. Every organization should know their “Why”. Not just the leadership team, but every single person. Let me introduce you to ours!

Pedal Forward

As I alluded to in the beginning of this piece, when you first walk into our building, you are immediately introduced to one of our principles. You might be conflicted at first when you walk into a bike hanging on the wall. “Techcycle Solutions? Do you all sell bicycles? I guess I could see that with the name.” No, no we don’t. What we sell is teamwork. The concept of “Pedal Forward” is the ideology that much like a cycling event, a team has a leader that cuts into the wind, to make it easier for the rest of the team to pedal efficiently. Some days you’re the leader, making a sacrifice for the greater good of the team, and some days you have to pedal your you-know-what off to help your team cross the finish line. No matter your position, there’s one constant…. You always #PedalForward.


Think Different

Okay, okay, sure, we got this from a company that inspires every day, but #Apple has this one spot on. What’s one of the most heavy-traffic areas in your office? For those of you who said “the bathroom”, you’re right! For those of you who said, “the coffee machine”, don’t worry, you’ll get there soon. Down the hallway that leads to our restrooms are a handful of iPad housings on the wall, side by side. All have the classic silver/space gray housing, but then one has bright green TCS paint splattered all over it. We want to break the status quo of the device lifecycle industry. We’re here to make innovative solutions by LISTENING to our customers. We challenge our employees to think outside the box, to have a voice, and to make a difference. None of us are here for the paycheck alone. We’re here to give this industry a new identity. In order to do that, we have to #ThinkDifferent.


Be a Hero

Last, but definitely not least. Have you ever had a device go down for the count? Cracked iPhone screen? Laptop crash? iPad get chucked across the room by your 3-year-old because you wouldn’t let them watch another episode of Ryan’s Toy Review? Yeah, most of us can raise our hands multiple times. My bet is that if you take yourself back to how you felt in that moment, it wasn’t great. We understand that these devices are often times the lifeline of a person/business. Some of us NEED them, no, really. My Candy Crush lives are about to reset and I can’t get off schedule. In all seriousness, students, teachers, medical professionals, realtors, they all rely on their devices to survive and thrive in everyday life. We get that. So, we challenge ourselves to be a hero to our peers, and most importantly, to our customers. On the way to our Tech Room, you’ll go through the “Hall of Heroes” which reminds us every day that we are exactly that. In a world where you can be anything you want, #BeAHero.


So, now you know our “Why”, what’s yours?


Author: Ben Guertin, TCS Managing Partner