ITAD – IT Asset Disposition

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May 26, 2021

Out with the old and in with the new! You’ve likely heard us talk about our Buyback program on our Between Two Tablets podcast or previous blogs. But, as an ever-evolving company determined to meet the demands of the market, we seized the opportunity to build out a more robust program and rename it ITAD.



What is ITAD?

ITAD stands for Information Technology Asset Disposition. This is actually a more common term used in the technology industry and it simply means disposing IT Assets in a safe way.

We help with the whole process of either reselling or recycling the equipment and/or destructing the data that’s on them.


What’s Different?

You might think this sounds a lot like the old buyback program. So, what’s different? Before, this was more of an extra side service we offered to our customers. Now, this is a standardized process within TCS that is capable of handling much larger quantities than ever before.


What’s the Value?

This program allows customers to realize the value that remains in their old IT inventory when it’s time to transition to newer products. Typically, companies work off of a 3-5 year cycle to refresh their IT assets. Given this information, you might not think a device that is from 2016 is completely useless – and you’re right. This is a prime example of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. We help transition these IT assets from being dust collectors in the closet to becoming a student’s reason they get to attend school via #remotelearning.








My inventory is all broken and has zero value, can I just throw it away?

Simple answer, no. This is actually referred to as ‘e-waste’. This e-waste is anything from fax machines to computers. Most of these electronics contain toxic materials that are harmful to the environment such as mercury, lead, and cadmium. All of these can negatively affect the soil, water, and wildlife that they come into contact with.

Please just do yourself and all the sweet little animals out there a favor and just let us know you have some equipment you need to get rid of. We’re happy to help.





Data Destruction

Not only is throwing e-waste out into the environment not a good thing, but it can also pose a threat to you based on the information held on those devices. Don’t worry, we can help.

Did you know there are certified entities who can properly destroy information left on your devices? While we can’t do everything in-house regarding data destruction, we do know a few people who can. Regardless, once it’s all completed, you’ll get a spiffy certificate stating your information is properly destroyed so you can rest assured knowing your information is gone. Nothing! Nada! Zip! Zilch!

The Process

You may be wondering about how it all works. Let me break it down for you here.

A customer contacts TCS and explains what device(s) he/she has and all the details from the make, model, color, storage capacity, any issues with the device, etc. The more information the better because it helps us create a more accurate initial estimate for the device.

The customer then ships the device safely to TCS. TCS inspects the device to ensure the device did not endure any extra damage during the shipping process. Then, using a grading scale, the device goes through a more in-depth inspection process.

Based on the outcome of the inspection, TCS decides whether it’s able to be sold as-is, if it just needs a small repair, or if it’ll be used for parts only. From this point, TCS creates a manifest documenting all of their findings and presents to the customer an official offer for the device.

The customer can then decide whether they want to accept the offer, negotiate, or just have the device returned back to them.

If the customer accepts the offer, TCS will then redistribute or recycle the devices as necessary.


Technology Loses Value

This may be obvious. However, Ben mentioned during the Between Two Tablets episode about our ITAD program that, typically, your device’s value drops about 10-20% every 30 days because of how quickly new devices are rolling out.

That’s when he shared this sage advice,

“When you’re having the discussion about replacing your equipment, that’s when you need to start getting information on what your [current devices] are worth today.”


There’s a Large Market For Used Devices

Not every school in the US, let alone the world, has the latest and greatest in technology. Like I mentioned earlier, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Whether it’s to get some extra cash in your program or to save the little forest animals, the TCS ITAD program is here to save the day. Let us know if you have anything laying around that you need to dispose of! Just email us at and see what your stuff’s worth!



All the best,


Monica, Account Manager







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