News alert — we are a highly mobile, smartphone loving, device-toting world. And, oops…sometimes we drop our devices. Sometimes batteries go bad. Sometimes “your friend” spills coffee on your iPad. We work with organizations who are on the go, but specialize in the following sectors:

Who We Work With

Retail Repair

Technology Inspires Learning

As technology continues to be an integral part of education, it’s critical to keep your students and faculty members supplied with a functioning device.

Techcycle Solutions has supported the educational industry for years and can help meet the custom needs for any size school district. Whether it be repairing your current devices, buying back your old devices, or sourcing new ones, we have the solution for you.

Education Services

Quick, what’s the capital of South Dakota?* OK, that may not always be on the tip of our tongues, but we do know some other things. Like how to customize our services to meet your unique needs. Give us a call and let’s get started.

Multi-year discounts available

Extended warranty and accidental damage solutions

Flexible terms

Liquid damage recovery

Logic board repair

Product sourcing solutions

The Business World Moves Fast—
So Do Your Devices

It’s hard to imagine an organization existing today without the dependence on an electronic device, whether it be company computers, tablets or smartphones.

The mission of Techcycle Solutions is to help keep life moving. We do that by offering custom repair and warranty programs to support large organizations by maintaining the functionality of their electronic devices.

Corporate Services

“Ping our team with your outside the box, synergistic paradigm shift KPIs.” OK, so we may not be great at corporate-speak, but we’re pretty good at device repair and protection speak. Let’s connect and find out how we can help your organization. It’s “low hanging fruit!”

Multi-year discounts available

Real-time repair status tracking

Flexible terms

Liquid damage recovery

Extended warranty and accidental damage solutions

Product sourcing solutions

Retail Repair — We’ve Got Your Back

We have the experience, systems and scale to manage device repair programs for leading national retailers. We provide premium-quality parts and support in-store repairs through brand-specific training programs both online and in-person.

Mail-In Repairs

If you are a retailer and want to offer a device repair program for your customers, we can help. We offer mail-in repair programs for any cell phone, laptop, tablet, iPod and gaming consoles.

In-Store Repairs

We offer programs that allow you to repair certain devices right in your store using your existing staff. Our in-person training is tailored to your specific needs and educates your current employees on how to build and maintain a successful phone repair program. Training sessions cover everything from how to sell and promote the program to executing repairs.

Repair Parts Provider

We can help your retail program achieve success by offering premium-quality repair parts. We proudly hold an industry-low defective rate on all electronic replacement parts. In the event of a defect, we have high-level, certified technical support for your staff as needed.

Our Online Portal Provides:

Training Modules
Device repair training resources customized to your needs.
Live Chat
Troubleshoot repairs in real time via live chat with a Techcycle repair experts.
Printing and
Shipping Labels
Easily print shipping labels to send in devices for repair.
Track Your Repairs
Know the status of your repairs throughout the entire process.
Order Parts
and Tools
Full access to our online device repair parts and tools store.
Give us a call today so we can discuss your specific needs.