10 Ways You Can Repurpose Your Device


Aug 18, 2021

Based on the statistics we shared during our recent episode on Between Two Tablets about E-Waste, you likely have a device (or two) sitting in a drawer that never gets used. While you have options to either donate or trade your device in for cash through places like Techcycle Solutions, maybe you want to keep your device in hopes of repurposing it. Well, dear reader, have I got a treat for you. I’m sharing 10 ways you can #repurpose your device(s)!


Check ’em out!


Repurpose Idea #1: TV Remote

Just about nothing is more frustrating than losing a remote or using the arrow keys to type out a title of a movie for 5 minutes just to find out that it isn’t available on the platform you’re using. Fret no longer, my friend, because did you know you can connect your device to your TV and have it act as a remote control? Well, if you didn’t before, you do now!


Check out this website on How to Use a Phone as a TV Remote!


Repurpose Idea #2: Video Chat

This one might seem simple, but you shouldn’t overlook the handiness of having an extra device on hand for video calls! Whether you’ve got a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, using it for video chat is a great way to repurpose your device. All you need is WiFi!


Repurpose Idea #3: Screen Mirror a Movie/TV Show/Video

Speaking of only needing WiFi and saving yourself time and frustration from using the arrow keys to type on a remote… use the screen mirroring feature on your device to watch your favorite movie or show on your Smart TV!

You can use your phone to type everything out and you can watch from basically any platform as long as you have the app. Easy peasy, lemon-squeezy, watching a show will be nice and breezy!

Here are the instructions:

For iPhone Users

For Android Users


Repurpose Idea #4: Digital Photo Frame

If you’re like me, you have 1,287,392 pictures in your phone that you rarely-to-never take the time to look back at and enjoy. Well, what if that iPad you rarely-to-never use could be displayed on your counter or dresser to rotate through all of your favorite pics? Problem solved!


Repurpose Idea #5: Security Camera

Want to feel more secure leaving for #vacation but can’t afford a home #securitycamera? Use your old phone! There are plenty of apps you can use to monitor your home while you’re on vacay or your pup while you’re at work!

Check out the 8 Best Apps to Use an Old Phone as a Security Camera.



Repurpose Idea #6: Baby Monitor

Similar to a security camera but a little more niche. You can Turn Your Phone Into a Baby Monitor!


Repurpose Idea #7: Smart-Home Center

There are many smart-home apps that can be used on a device that just has wifi capabilities. Save the battery and storage space on your daily phone and use your spare for this one!


Repurpose Idea #8: Kitchen Helper

I actually use my iPad for this! I set it up on its stand and I pull up a recipe or video and I start cooking! It’s way easier than flipping through pages with greasy fingers and I can also pull up multiple pages at once for quick reference. Once you start doing this, you’ll begin to wonder how you ever did it before!


Repurpose Idea #9: Alarm & Sleep Tracker

A good sleeping tip I recommend from experience is to never allow your phone near your bed. Point blank. It is a tooough habit to break, but one that is oh, so worth it. When I lay my head down to rest, my brain knows it’s time to sleep–and it’s the best feeling ever.

Use an old phone that you don’t use for social media, texts, or calls as an alarm & sleep tracker. This is going to make your transition to a “deviceless” room a whole lot easier, too!


Repurpose Idea #10: Emergency Phone Calls

Every phone is legally programmed to be able to make emergency phone calls with or without a SIM card. God-forbid you ever need to use it for this reason, but should you ever find yourself in a predicament, it’s good to know you can call for help should you need it.

So, stash that old phone in your glovebox or winter coat pocket so if your main device runs out of battery or you lose it, you’ll at least be able to make an emergency phone call.


Many More Ways to Repurpose

These are just 10 of the many different ways you can repurpose your old #devices. These ideas barely scratch the surface on the many more uses for old devices. What other ways can you think of that an old #phone or #tablet could be used for? Share your ideas in the comments!



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