6 Useful Tips for Working From Home

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Dec 9, 2020

Working from home. A new, temporary way of working that most of us have had to adjust to since the pandemic began. But for some of us, it’s a new, permanent way of working. That’s the case for me as I recently moved out to Colorado Springs, Colorado which puts me 8 ½ hours away from Techcycle Solutions’ home base in Overland Park, Kansas. In the short time I’ve been out here working from home, I’ve learned a few things that I wanted to share with you in order to help your work-from-home experience be a pleasant and productive one. Check out my top 6 tips for working from home:


1. Establish a morning routine and dress for the part.

Establishing a morning routine will help keep you on time and accountable for a productive workday. Getting dressed appropriately for work helps a ton! This helps to shift your mind off from a sleepy, tired, and groggy morning, to an alert and confident one. You don’t have to get fancy, but you will feel 1000x better when you’ve put a little effort into your outfit and appearance. Plus, you never know when that impromptu video chat may ring in!


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2. Remember to take breaks.

A simple, yet very effective, method I like to use is the 45/10 rule. Work for 45 minutes, take a 10 minute break. When working in the office, you tend to take breaks throughout the day to use the restroom, refill your water, chat with a coworker, etc. Do this while you’re at home, too. It can be tough in close quarters to feel an ‘escape’ so maybe just step outside and get some fresh air, take your pup on a quick walk, or make yourself a nice tea, you get the idea! Those little mental breaks will boost your performance and mood throughout the day.



3. Stay off your bed!

Your bed is intended for rest. While you’re at it, make your bed right when you get up! Check out the bonus video below for a little insight as to why this is so important. Now, back to the topic of staying off your bed. When you work in your bed, your mind and body start associating that warm, cozy, environment with busy mind activity–the thing we all hate when laying in bed when it’s time to sleep. #TREATYOSELF and invest in a nice little office space. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, unless you’re going to be on video calls often, but just make sure it’s a space that is solely designated for work. This way, when you hit the pillow at night, your mind goes to that lovely, peaceful, restful state we all ‘dream’ of.


Bonus video: If You Want to Change the World…



4. Take a lunch break.

Yes, I’ve forgotten to take a lunch break a time or two. It can be easy to get involved in a project once you get going but you must remember to take care of yourself. Go back to that 45/10 rule I mentioned earlier. Allow yourself that important time to hit ‘pause’ on your busy day. I recommend closing your laptop or putting your desktop on sleep mode when it’s time to take your lunch. This way, you’re truly allowing yourself that much needed midday break so you can regather your thoughts and breathe some fresh air without the distraction of your computer staring at you naggingly calling for your attention.



5. Limit the snacks.

It can be tempting to take a little trip…or five, to the fridge for a quick snack. If you are finding that you’re truly hungry, just make sure you’re keeping things healthy which starts at the grocery store. Be mindful of your purchases and think about how that food will serve you. If it’s full of sugar and carbs, you’ll likely get the afternoon sleepies and your workday will drag on. If you choose a healthier snack, you’ll likely find that by the end of the workday you still have enough energy to go on a jog or take your pup on a longer walk which they will absolutely adore you for–it’s a win-win!

Check out this list of healthy snack options.


6. MOVE.

Physical activity is so important to pay mind to during long days of sitting in a chair. On your 10 minute breaks, sneak in a few squats, stretch out your back, lift your chin up and breathe deeply. You’ll feel much, much better.


Take a few minutes to try out the 10 Best Stretches for Office Workers.




Whether you’re working from home on a permanent or temporary basis, I think you’ll find these pointers to be quite useful. I encourage you to make a point to try at least 3 of these this week. I also want to hear your thoughts and recommendations. What do you recommend for the common struggles of working from home? Comment them below, I want to hear them!




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Author: Monica Casanova, Account Manager









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