How My Golf Game Helps My Office Game

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Jul 8, 2020


This Spring and Summer I have been getting out to golf pretty regularly, at first with the intention of finally getting ‘good’, but it turned out to be a positive influence on my overall life outside of the course. 

I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been an angry person, but as I got older and stumbled through attempts at work-life balance I can definitely say I was noticing myself having less patience and getting frustrated over minor inconveniences that I wouldn’t have thought twice about in the past. Golf requires so much patience and focus that if you let little things get in your head, getting ‘good’ will likely never be a reality. All of those little inconveniences go to the wayside and become a welcomed challenge when I am out on the course. Once you start realizing that out there, you start to apply it to your daily life. I have noticed myself becoming more focused, calm, and resilient in the face of challenges or obstacles that pop up.

Golf has been a great hobby to pick up – especially during this pandemic. It’s a safe, easy way to get out of the house and I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone who doesn’t know what to do with their free time, or who just feels like they need to add another activity or change to their life. Nothing like going out and smashing some golf balls!

I’d also recommend to anyone that they should read the book ‘Zen Golf’ by Dr. Joseph Parent, it features a ton of golf/life principles from a world-renowned golf instructor who focuses on the mental aspect of the game.


Author: Nate Campin