Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Jun 16, 2021

With Father’s Day coming up, I figured I’d share some Father’s Day gift ideas! I’ve listed a few ideas below that might help you determine what will make your dad feel as special as he deserves. A couple of these are tried-and-true as I’ve gotten some of them for my own dad in past years. Some may also take a little while to get delivered but trust me, it’s better late than never!


In no particular order, here we go…


1. Collage.com

This is the one that’s better late than never since we’re so close to Father’s Day but ever so worth it. Photo blankets, custom mugs, mounted prints, photo-books, you name it, they’ve likely got it. I actually got a photo-book from them for my dad last year and let me tell you…it was a hit. High-quality, quick-turnarounds, and their customer service is super helpful and easy to contact, too. You can’t go wrong with these guys!


2. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking

My sisters and I also got this one for my dad in past years. If your dad likes to cook (or needs to learn how), this is the book for him! Unlike other cookbooks, this one breaks down the ‘why’s behind every recipe. For instance, #didyouknow that you’re supposed to salt chicken an entire day in advance? Well… you are! This ensures the moisture is locked into the chicken through the process of diffusion. Or did you know that you’re supposed to season the water you boil your vegtables in until it’s as ‘salty as the sea’? Okay, so maybe I have read a few chapters myself but in doing so, I feel like food no longer owns me. I own it. 10/10 would recommend this book.



3. Gift Card

These are easy but they are also appreciated. The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Under Armour, SCHEELS, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops are some good ones. Even better, go shopping with him!

4. Event Tickets

Whether it’s a sporting event or a concert by his favorite band, he’s sure to enjoy this one!



5. Quality Time

Also simple but tried-and-true. He’ll be glad to have spent any time with you over any other gift you could think of! Fishing, helping to build a project, or simply just crackin’ a cold one and talking about the good times–it’ll be time well spent. Maybe my dad’s just a total sap, but he always tells my sisters and me that quality time with his family is his favorite gift.

I hope this list helped to narrow down some ideas for this Father’s day or at least got you excited about next Father’s Day! Whether you go big or small, whatever you get him, he’s going to appreciate anything at all–even just the thought.


All the best,

Monica, Account Manager









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