Microsoldering – Data Recovery

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Mar 24, 2021

Personal information is now more mobile than ever. Almost everybody in the world has a smart device that contains their pictures, financial information, and messages. Most of these people do not want to use or are not aware of cloud storage options that can save their data. Catastrophic failures can happen to the device holding their information. Sometimes, a little visual inspection and some practical board level repair knowledge can save the day in data recovery.

Data Recovery

Remember last time we introduced you to the basics of microsoldering and the benefits those services provide to your business? If you didn’t get a chance to read that post you can find it here. Today, I will be discussing another great benefit this service can provide to you and your customers: data recovery.



Microsoldering Challenges

You might be surprised to learn that flash drives, hard drives, and on board storage devices found on modern laptops and phones are very similar. At times they are even cross compatible. Device manufacturers have stepped up their security standards and updated the software running on your phone. Encryption and part serialization have caused data recovery to be an extremely difficult task, especially for devices that have more than a broken screen or bad battery. This is why getting the device to a working or partially working state is crucial for a successful data recovery service. 



Data Recovery Examples

Let’s check out some visual examples of recent devices that have needed some time in the solder room.


Storage chip with poor manufacturing, causing solder joints to separate. Schematics, proper testing and repair processes helped recover the data on this phone.



Bent flash drive with broken traces. Repaired for data extraction.






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