The Tale of Two G.O.A.T.’s – Super Bowl LV

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Feb 3, 2021

Alright, so you might think by the title that you’re about to read the greatest children’s story ever written. While I’ll never rule out a career in writing children’s novels, this tale is for every man, woman and child who loves football. Or sports in general. This Sunday we have the chance to watch one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game of football go up against the most exciting young quarterback in the league, and one that’s on a trajectory of being the best we’ve ever seen.




Those of you reading this likely know that we at Techcycle Solutions are located in the heart of the country in good old Kansas City! Sure, Kansas might be considered a boring old midwest state with nothing to do (and most days I’d agree), but we are home to an incredibly dedicated fan base and the best team in the NFL, likely for years to come. Okay, so we’re technically rooting for teams that play in Missouri, but hey, we do what we want! So, my perspective in this piece is going to be in support of Mahomes and the Chiefs at roughly a 99.9% rate and the other 0.1% will be reserved for Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 


Before this NFL season even started, I think most people had daydreams about their ideal Super Bowl matchup. For most sports fans, it likely looked something like “Mahomes vs Rodgers”, “Mahomes vs Brady” or “Mahomes vs Brees”. Regardless of who your actual football team is, there’s something about these matchups that both we, and every major sports media company just salivated at the chance to see. There’s a common theme with these dream matchups, though, and no I’m not talking about the fact that all of the old quarterbacks live in the NFC now. The real common theme is: 


Patrick Mahomes – and don’t call him Pat.



Look, I know I’m biased, but if you’ve watched this kid play, you kind of get the feeling that he has a chance to unseat Tom Brady as the G.O.A.T. at the quarterback position. All of his accomplishments at this point in his career already have him on pace to crush every record set by Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Tim Tebow (wait, how’d he get there?!), and yes, Tom Brady. But what’s the one thing that Mahomes will need to go down as the G.O.A.T.? More rings. Tom Brady has six. Yes, you heard that correctly, 6 Super Bowl rings. And if we have it our way, Mahomes will only be four away after this Sunday. 


I’ll be honest, this matchup scares me a bit more than the 49ers matchup last year simply due to the fact that the Bucs offense is tremendously more balanced than the 49ers were. The Chiefs defense isn’t exactly dominating. We kind of take a “bend don’t break” approach where we let teams march down the field pretty easily but usually make a stand to hold them to a FG attempt or force a turnover. Not only that, but we’re going against Tom Brady which I can confidently say no one wants to face in the playoffs let alone the Super Bowl.


Mahomes and company will no doubt be looking for revenge after Brady and the Patriots beat the Chiefs to prevent them from making the last three Super Bowls. 



G.O.A.T. vs The Kid


I think this will go down as the most exciting Super Bowl in the past decade at least. I think we’re going to see a lot of points and as we know from last year, the Chiefs are never out of a game with Mahomes behind the wheel. And the same could be said for Brady. I think this game is going to come down to a few key factors:


  • Which coach will make a decision that goes against analytics? Will one team go for it on 4th and 3 on their own 37 yard line? Will a team opt to kick a field goal with only a few minutes left in the game when down by more than 3 (I’m looking at you Matt LaFleur)? One of these decisions could make or break the momentum of the game. 
  • Will the Bucs choose to put Mahomes under immense pressure regularly? The Bucs have one of the best front seven defenses in the league, but blitzing Mahomes has proven to be a bad idea. That puts a lot of pressure on the defense to go man to man on Tyreek and Kelce. Also a bad idea.  
  • How do the Chiefs limit the big plans to Evans, Godwin, Gronk, and Antonio Brown? I thought our offense had some weapons on it, but these guys have 3 WR1’s on their team and one of the greatest TE’s to play the game. I think, unlike the Bucs game plan, that the Chiefs need to put exotic pressure on Brady to get him flustered and hope that leads to a bad decision. We’ve seen Brady make some questionable throws this year and it often comes off of applied pressure. 
  • Which defense or special teams will make a big play or even get a score? We all know the offenses of both teams will have no problem moving the ball and putting points up, but which other unit will step up to make a big play?  


Super Bowl LV

This game comes in as one of the most evenly matched Super Bowls in history and it should be a good one. Is this the year that Mahomes gets his revenge? Is it the year Brady gets his seventh ring? I believe this is where the bus stops for old TB12. I believe the G.O.A.T. will hand over the title to the kid (another goat reference) and Brady will go down as the second best quarterback to ever play the game. Hey, second place isn’t a bad thing. 


I’m doubling down on my Mahomes and Auto policy and picking the Chiefs to win this game.


Chiefs 34 – Buccaneers 30




That’s all for now friends. See you on the other side! 





Author: Ben Guertin
TCS Managing Partner






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