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Dec 23, 2020

Wanna spread a little joy? By now, I hope you know that we are a technology focused company. So we talk about a lot of tech stuff.

But, not today.

We aren’t going to talk about the latest headphones from Apple. We aren’t going to talk about technology in the classroom. And we aren’t going to talk about new tech coming in 2021.

Today, we’re just going to try and spread a little joy with this blog.

We recently sat down with a few of our Techcycle team members who celebrate Christmas and asked them some fun questions. Everything from their favorite holiday movie to who the hardest person is to buy a present for and even where they would travel to if they could go anywhere on Christmas Day. So, read on to share some joy and and bring some positivity back into this year – enjoy!

What is the best or worst Christmas present you’ve ever received?

“I think the worst Christmas present I ever received, and it wasn’t even a bad gift, but I got a set of knives when I was, like, 23, fresh out of school. It was kind of that first gift of ‘well you’re an adult now so this is what you get’ kind of thing. So that I’d say that was the worst one. The best one was probably when I was a younger kid and I got my first bike with pegs on it. You know, back in the day, everyone riding around on that. So was definitely one of the best ones and most memorable.” – Nate Campin

“So the best Christmas gift that I’d ever received was a family trip to Roatan, Honduras. That was a really amazing gift that my parents gave to us girls when I was I think 14 years old. I got to go scuba diving and I got to play with the monkeys, and it was just an amazing experience. We had a great time!” – Monica Casanova

“Many years ago, my wife and I decided we were not going to buy gifts for each other, and I had the conversation at least 100 times just to confirm. But unfortunately, that Christmas morning when the kids woke up and everyone was opening gifts, my lovely wife handed me gifts and I did not have any for her. Worst. Christmas. Ever.” – Matt Paperi

“My favorite Christmas present I ever received was a karaoke machine when I was eight. I’m pretty sure I sang on that karaoke machine every single day. Unfortunately, my singing did not get any better and I do not have a singing career so it didn’t help me a whole lot. But it was definitely my favorite Christmas present.” – Holly Paperi


What is your favorite or least favorite holiday movie and Christmas song?

“I have my favorite movie listed as Home Alone 3 or Elf. I don’t know why, I just always kind of found myself looking for those two movies every year. My favorite Christmas song is none other than that of Nat King Cole ‘The Christmas Song’. I just really like that song because it gets me in the Christmas mood, spirit and paints a really cozy picture for me. So I dig it.” – Monica Casanova

“Hands down Christmas Vacation! As for songs, I really don’t have a favorite. There’s so many good ones out there that I kind of enjoy them all.” – Matt Paperi

“My favorite Christmas movie is The Grinch – I love it. I watch it every single year, multiple times.” – Holly Paperi

“My favorite Christmas movie is the 1984 version of A Christmas Carol and my favorite song is Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You‘, even though it’s way over played on the radio.” – Jaime Enriquez

“Michael Buble’s whole Christmas album is awesome. My roommate in college used to play it all the time as soon as Thanksgiving break was over, so you could really name any of those off that. But the one that’s like ‘oooo Christmas ooooooo’, that one’s probably my favorite one. My favorite holiday movie has got to be Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. That movie is on every year. But that was probably the most memorable and quotable.” – Nate Campin



Would you rather have 3 feet of snow for Christmas or no snow at all?

“I’ve always said that if you could keep the 3 feet of snow off the streets and sidewalks and only on the grass, then I’ll go for the 3 feet of snow. Otherwise, no snow at all.” – Matt Paperi

“I would much rather have 3 feet of snow on Christmas than no snow.” – Holly Paperi

“If it’s on Christmas Day I guess 3 feet of snow wouldn’t be terrible because you’re inside anyway. And then, you know, it sets the scene. But living in Kansas, I’m used to no snow at all for probably 75% of the Christmases. So, either is fine but I guess if I had to pick, 3 feet of snow would be cool.” – Nate Campin


“I’d rather have no snow at all because I suffer so much in the snow. It’s so cold and it hurts all my bones.” – Jaime Enriquez

“3 feet of snow 100%. Obviously I love Christmas either way, but unless there’s 3 feet of snow, it doesn’t feel like Christmas. I lived in Arizona for four years, and not once did I feel like it was Christmas. It was just so warm and not

Christmassy. So 3 feet of snow all the way.” – Monica Casanova




Who is the toughest person you have to buy for this Christmas?

“This is a yearly routine of the toughest person – my father. He’s a guy that buys a lot of things for himself. So you kind of are in the guessing game and he always tells you, ‘Oh I don’t need anything. Don’t buy me anything.’ So, that’s always the one that gives me a little trouble. I usually just try to find him something that’s a little off the wall or something that stands out a little because – Lord knows he doesn’t just need another dress shirt or pants or something like that.” – Nate Campin

“For me, it’s always my mom. I always want to buy her everything, but unfortunately I don’t usually have the budget for that.” – Holly Paperi

“My wife hands down for sure. She usually buys what she likes before I have a chance to get them for Christmas for her, so that just makes it even more difficult.” – Matt Paperi

“I’m gonna say toughest people that I have to buy for this Christmas is 100% my nephews. I just wish I could get them everything, so it’s hard to narrow it down to one thing. I still have a couple of things lined up, but the big thing is a hard thing to choose because I just want to get them everything!” – Monica Casanova



If you could travel anywhere for Christmas, where would you go?

“We really enjoy Orlando and Magic Kingdom, so I would like to go there with my wife again. And, as always, we have a great time there. I would love to do that again.” – Matt Paperi

“If I could travel anywhere for Christmas, it would be to somewhere where there is lots and lots of snow and you’re stuck inside all day.” – Holly Paperi

“This kind of goes with that snow question, but I really, really like the mountains in Colorado for any kind of wintry stuff, so I think that’d be a good one. If I had to pick a specific spot it would probably be Steamboat Springs in Colorado. Great spot – if you haven’t been you should check it out.” – Nate Campin

“If I could go anywhere during this Christmas minus this COVID pandemic, I’d probably go to Florida or some beach in Mexico.” – Jaime Enriquez

“I live in Colorado Springs, where we’re definitely gonna get 3 feet of snow, if not more, for Christmas. But I am going home to Kansas City to be with my family and that’s exactly the place that I would like to go if I could travel anywhere for Christmas. To be with my family together and enjoying the Christmas spirit all together.” – Monica Casanova



What do you think??

We want to hear from you! How would you answer these questions? Leave a comment below to join in the conversation and continue to spread a little joy and positivity this holiday season! You can listen to our full interviews on our next podcast episode of Between Two Tablets, available wherever you get your podcasts!



Wishing you the happiest of holidays this season – cheers to spreading a little joy!



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