The Power in Remembering a Name

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Oct 14, 2020

Someone remembered my name today. Seems simple and like not a big deal. But it was. Remembering a name is a big deal.

To make it even more impactful, I DIDN’T remember their name. How self-centered can I be?? This person took the time and effort to remember me. But, I didn’t pay the same favor back to them.


Has that ever happened to you?


Why Can’t I Remember?

I thought about why I didn’t remember their name in the first place and tried to come up with excuses to make myself feel better. Was it a common name? Was I not interested or paying attention? Maybe they didn’t even tell me their name. I was probably too concerned about making them feel welcome in the office, or making a positive first impression. 

Remembering names is sometimes challenging for me. If you put a face in front of me, I will recognize that until the end of time. BUT, names are a whole different ball game.


Why is that?


There is a lot that goes with remembering a name. First, the name itself. Then, you have to connect that name with the person’s face. Not to mention if there is a unique or different pronunciation to their name. Or, maybe they give you their job title too. SO MUCH INFORMATION. Meanwhile, you are trying to actually converse and pleasantly engage in small talk. Sometimes it’s just too much, and I don’t remember their name. 

But, I’m going to get better at that. Because I know the feeling when someone remembers my name and how great it is. So, I researched some easy ways to help me not suck at remembering names. Let’s take a look.

Ways to Remember

Mnemonic devices can help – this is where you pick a word or phrase that sounds like or makes you think of their name. For example, my boss’ name is Benjamin (yes, let’s hope I don’t forget my boss’ name, but just in case). He is always listening to music; in other words he is always jammin’. *I think you know where this is about to go* –> Ben is always jammin’ = Benjamin!

Another helpful tool is that of repetition. Another helpful tool is that of repetition. Another helpful tool is that of repetition. Hi Karen, it’s great to meet you Karen. I think you catch my drift, Karen.

Lastly, your intent and mindset can help immensely. You might recognize that if you are truly interested in the person you meet and genuinely want to remember who they are, your mind will relax a bit and make it easier for you to remember their name. You can always practice through our #MeetTheTeam posts on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Test your ability to remember our team members’ names! And, if you do end up forgetting anyway – I have one last trick up my sleeve:

remembering a name

“Hey! What’s your name again?”

“It’s Bonny”

“No – I knew that! I meant your last name!”



Happy Remembering!






All the Best,


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