Apple System Administrators – Unite at JNUC!

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Oct 7, 2020

Have you ever wondered where the world’s largest gathering of Apple system administrators is? Well, it happened last week at JNUC and our Sales Team was there for all the fun!

JNUC (or Jamf Nation User Conference) is put on by – you guessed it – Jamf! They are a mobile device management system for Apple users across the globe. With more than 40,000 organizations that rely on Jamf, you can see how they throw a pretty big party for Apple Administrators. 


How We Got Connected

Unless you are in the industry, you might not have heard of Jamf – or the JNUC conference. We actually connected with them through a mutual customer and have never looked back. This was our third year attending the conference as a sponsor. Even though it looked a little different this year, our Sales Team still had a great time with some peers in the Apple system administration world. 


Jamf Customers

A majority of Jamf’s customers fall within the education industry, but they do have a corporate market as well. Given the current climate of remote working and learning, they have had quite the impact on the education technology industry. Their JNUC event is one of the most impactful.



JNUC is awesome. Delicious snacks and fun locations aside, it is a place where 10,000+ people come together to talk about how to keep life moving and improving with their Apple devices and deployment strategies. Did I mention it was the LARGEST gathering of Apple system administrators?

There are a variety of fun “events” that included Apple Trivia, Yoga and Networking Meet-Ups this year. Jamf also brought in specialists that put on informational sessions covering a range of topics. This year, sessions ranged from how-to’s on fostering a remote environment, interactive labs on custom enrollment, product showcases and client case study developments. Hear from our Sales Manager, Holly, on what JNUC attendee’s get out of the conference:

“There are a ton of sessions attendees love including how to use Jamf and device best practices. With over 100 sessions that are industry based for education, healthcare and business – there is a lot of great information.”


The Virtual Switch

Historically, the conference has been hosted in Minneapolis which they have since outgrown. This year they planned to escape the cold and move the conference to San Diego – then came COVID-19 and it was switched to a virtual conference. 

As you can imagine, this year looked a lot different being virtual rather than in-person. With the entire conference being online, Jamf allowed for us sponsors to have a “booth” in the Expo Hall. Attendees could stop by, watch our welcome video and engage either in a public chat room with a group of fellow attendees, or a private one with one of our team members. The conference goers were also able to earn badges for going to booths and sessions with some nice prizes being given out to top earners. 

Why We Go

With this being such a large gathering of IT professionals, there is virtually an unlimited amount of people and organizations to connect with. That has been our biggest takeaway from this conference – connecting with people we might have never otherwise connected with.

“These are customers and partners we normally wouldn’t have been able to meet. We got a customer from Alaska one year. We were actually next to Brenthaven (a current partner) last year – we would refer people to them and they would refer people to us. It was great!”

Not only are we learning more about how various organizations are navigating the ever-changing tech industry. We are also meeting some amazing people along the way that we can help and be helped by as well. 


Find Out More Information

If you missed the conference this year, don’t worry! Next year is planned to be in sunny Orlando, FL. You might be interested in learning more about the conference — if so, reach out to us, or you can take a listen to one of our recent Between Two Tablets podcasts where we sit down with Sam Weiss from Jamf to hear all about it. You can also visit Jamf’s website or their JNUC page directly to learn more. Until next time, keep life moving!


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