Accidents Happen…Plan Ahead With TCS Warranties

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Sep 30, 2020

Accidents happen and are inevitable. Sometimes even with the right accessories, stuff can happen. So, why not plan ahead with TCS warranties? We sat down with Holly and Kristi from our Sales Team to chat about our Warranty Products available to our TCS customers. They are fantastic for those who want to keep their devices safe and get quick repairs when the time comes so you can keep life moving. 


Warranty Options

Our warranties go beyond the coverage of most manufacturers. Our repair process is more customer-friendly as well. You can trust that your devices will be cared for meticulously and repaired with high quality parts, by high quality technicians. We have two different warranty options available – here’s Holly, explaining a breakdown of the two:

ProTech Infinity

“One of them is called ProTech Infinity, that one I really love. A lot of our customers use it, it’s a great program. It actually covers the devices you have in circulation and we give you a case with it. So it’s really great if the customer is purchasing new devices and they are already going to have to purchase a case with it. With that plan, every device in their fleet is covered with a fee per device, and then they can send that device in as many times as they would like to with no charge.”

This can help those with or without devices already. This gives you peace of mind that, no matter how many times you crack a screen, we’ve got you covered. 

ProTech Plus

“The other program that we have is called ProTech Plus. That one is great if they already have devices in circulation…they already kind of know what their incident rate is. So we base that one off a 20% incident rate which is typically a little bit high. So basically, if they have 1,000 devices, they could send in 200 of those with no fee for repair. Once they get to 201 repairs then we do start charging a small repair fee, but way less than they would typically pay for a one-off repair. If they come in under that 20% we give them a rebate back as an incentive to kind of keep that incident rate lower.”

For those of us who already have devices out there, this is the perfect solution to protect your devices and keep them healthy. This gives incentive to protect your devices, keep that incident rate low and add some jangle in your pocket!


How Easy Is It?

Our warranty plans cover any and all devices you might already have or be interested in. Our most common devices we cover include iPads, MacBooks and Chromebooks – but the sky’s the limit with what we are willing to work on. Plus, it’s always nice talking to an actual person about devices that your school or business depend on and knowing first-hand the care going into each repair. 

When it comes to sending in your devices and actually utilizing your warranty, it’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Create ticket in your online portal
  2. Send in your device
  3. Receive your repaired device so you can #KeepLifeMoving!


Keep an eye out for our podcast episode with this full conversation coming soon on Between Two Tablets. In the meantime, take a listen to some of our other topics on the podcast including The COVID Impact on Education, Our ‘What’ and ‘Why’, and our Employee Spotlight with Monica Casanova.


All the best,

With: Holly Paperi, Sales Manager | Kristi Kohl, Business Development Specialist