An App a Day

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Aug 5, 2020

So there I am, sitting at lunch trying to get to know my coworkers better, just chit-chatting away. Then BOOM. Outta left field, Steven, one of our techs, tells me about his daily app creation. Yep, you read that right. One new app. Every single day.


“How the heck do you have time for that?” I asked. Not knowing even in the slightest what goes into creating an app.


“I just love to learn and create – if I’m not doing that then I feel like I’m wasting my time.”


Steven went on to tell me about the app design course he is taking through The App Brewery – a London based online platform that offers courses over a variety of topics, including app development and design.


The course is separated into various stages of app development – starting simple in the beginning and moving onto much more complex apps. As a student, Steven is shown one time how to create an app with certain features (i.e. a scroll bar or a button) – from there, he is on his own and has to re-create those same features by himself. The designs and features get more and more intricate, moving onto advanced stages where you must pull information or data from external sources.


This is all a self-paced course that normally costs around $150. Steven said that most people will buy the course, but never actually finish it. He is determined to work through it quickly which is why he challenges himself to do an app a day. As the apps get more complex, they take much longer to create as you can probably guess.


Talk about a motivated self-starter. He has learned a lot about app development and, while some apps are more difficult than others, it’s a fun process that he enjoys. He has created everything from addictive gaming apps to egg timer apps to sleek and stylish weather apps (because who doesn’t love getting their weather info and feel like a king while doing it). 


I know you are dying to know – so – my favorite one is called Swift Impact. Look it up. Download it. Try not to spend hours playing it.


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